Hot! Evil Dead:The Musical Review

evil dead musicalMy girl friend and I checked out the show with some friends as part of my birthday party party in Toronto. We are all big followers of the Bruce Campbell films and so we entered ecstatic however a little apprehensive hoping the musical would be true to the motion picture(s). We were far from dissatisfied, rather we were knocked off our seats!

The program was extraordinary! True fans of the movie will definitely latch on to the laugh a minute manuscript. Campy broadway how could you not enjoy it? Ryan Ward … go through more takes on a substantial activity in the Job of Ash after all, Bruce Campbell’s shoes are some huge shoes to pack! Ward rises to the occassion making the personality of Ash his very own! It was so good we intend to see it once more, we plan to site in the  splatter area! I definitely recommend this program to every person with a funny bone or a passion for B-horror movies!
Cheers to all!

The personalities were very well-played and comical. The theater was really small and intimate, making me feel like they were doing to the show just for me. The cast communicated with the audience throughout the show and I was laughing the whole time! The group I was with made t-shirts that saying “what the f # @ k was that” which is my favored song in the musical and they were a huge hit. I am most definitely a supporter and I can’t wait til next year. If you get tickets, check out evil dead the musical tickets website for deals.

This program will probably be a regular event for my girl friend and I each year.

The stars had fantastic voices. Cheryl had a FANTASTIC evil laugh and it need to have been so much fun to stick your direct, say your weird line, then bang the door pull back. Jake was spectacular. Ed was wonderful. Excellent telephone call during the Shelly/Annie combo.

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